Finally. Every student can get the personalized math help they need.

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How does LearnBop work?

Problem Statement

With our groundbreaking step-by-step learning system, students learn how to solve math problems on their own.

Students master math faster with step-by-step guidance, built from the ground up on sound learning science.

Personalized math help adapts in real-time to meet students exactly where they are.

Scientifically proven. Students using LearnBop showed 7-9 points more growth on post-assessments compared to students not using LearnBop.

What's LearnBop's exclusive secret?

We tag every step with a core concept


We detect missing knowledge while students learn, so they can catch up on exactly what they need.

LearnBop is the only product that seamlessly identifies missing prerequisites, both at and below grade-level, while students learn step-by-step.

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LearnBop for Families


With step-by-step math help built into every interactive problem, LearnBop brings personalized math support right into your home.

For Students

  • Master math faster

  • Catch up or get ahead

  • Avoid summer learning slump

For Parents

  • Access math help 24/7

  • Watch your child excel

  • More affordable than a tutor


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LearnBop for Schools


With LearnBop, teachers can give adaptive math instruction to every student and see learning gains in just one hour a week.

For Students

  • Master math faster

  • Get personalized math help

  • Learn at their own pace

For Teachers

  • Assign exceptional math content

  • Get real-time insight

  • Keep your classrooms on pace

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Proven in the Classroom


Students using LearnBop show up to 66% more growth of their math performance than the traditional classroom experience.

90% of teachers who try LearnBop would recommend it to other teachers.


Using LearnBop, students master math concepts in just one week on average.


"LearnBop remediates students on concepts I do not have time to cover in class. It helps me monitor their progress and support them in becoming self-directed learners."

—Math Coordinator, MO Public School

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